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Ann Somerville talks about exhibitions she was involved with as Rotorua Museum Curator

Monday 7, October 2019

Guide Ann Somerville talks about some of the unique exhibitions she helped research and develop when Rotorua Museum was open. … Continue reading →

Rotorua Museum

Sir Howard Morrison Performing Arts Centre Project Update – 4 October 2019

Friday 4, October 2019

Performing Arts Director Cian Elyse White updates the community on the Sir Howard Morrison Performing Arts Centre earthquake strengthening and … Continue reading →

Sir Howard Morrison Performing Arts Centre

The first 50 years of the Rotorua Bath House

Tuesday 20, August 2019

As the Museum moves into the next phase of its journey we look back at this unique building, its chequered … Continue reading →

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Ann Somerville talks about history of the Bath House

Wednesday 14, August 2019

Ann Somerville talks about the colourful history of the Bath House in which Rotorua Museum is housed

Rotorua Museum

Te Arawa Soldiers’ Memorial Unveiling

Thursday 8, August 2019

More than 250 people attended the moving ceremony unveiling the restored Te Arawa Soldiers’ Memorial, 92 years to the day … Continue reading →

Rotorua Museum

Rotorua Museum sends AEIOU exhibition on the road

Thursday 8, August 2019

In 2015 the team at Rotorua Museum developed the exhibition: AEIOU Tūhurahia te arapū Māori | Explore the Māori alphabet. … Continue reading →

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