Progress update at Sanatorium Reserve

Wednesday 24, October 2018 | News |

Work is underway at Sanatorium Reserve where contractors have been busy removing bamboo and other pest plants from the area.

The work is the start of a project aimed at returning the area to its former glory as a nationally significant ecological and geothermal reserve.

The first phase of the restoration work entails removal of pest vegetation and animals and rubbish clean-ups. The second stage will involve working with iwi, conservation and community partners.

It will focus on re-vegetation and ideas for infrastructure enhancement as well as cultural and ecological interpretive signage.

What’s been done? Weed control operations are going well with significant amounts of bamboo already cleared by Wildlands Consultants Limited. The arrow bamboo is being removed by a remote-controlled mulcher but contractors first must go through the vegetation to check for people or nesting birds. Wildlands will be revisiting and treating all clumps of bamboo later in the season to reduce grow back.