Hear from Dmytro Dizhur, Structural Engineer – Dizhur Consulting

Friday 8, July 2022 | Project Team |

Community Update: Hear more about the Rotorua Museum earthquake strengthening project in this presentation from Dr Dmytro Dizhur, Structural Engineer (Dizhur Consulting).

Some people call him ‘The Earthquake Chaser’, Dmytro has travelled the world working on earthquake damaged buildings, studying first-hand the effects of earthquakes on various building types and identifying solutions. Dmytro joined the Rotorua Museum project in July 2020 and explains the complexities of structurally strengthening this uniquely constructed 1906 building, which stands on geothermal ground.   He talks about the design philosophy taken and highlights the importance of testing and investigation on all of the differing materials used in the heritage building, which has led to a solution that is more buildable, less invasive on the heritage features, faster to build and more cost effective.

Dmytro Dizhur, Structural Engineer – Dizhur Consulting