Project Complexity – Hear from Mike Jacka

Thursday 23, June 2022 | Project Team |

Hear more about the Rotorua Museum earthquake strengthening project in this presentation from Mike Jacka, Technical Director at Tonkin and Taylor, specialising in earthquake geotechnical engineering. As well as working on some of the most complex earthquake strengthening projects around New Zealand, he also played a key role in the government red zone decisions after the Canterbury Earthquakes, and MBIE’s subsequent engineering guidance documents and building code changes.

Mike helps explain why the Rotorua Museum project is more complicated than other heritage buildings he has worked on due to the geothermal ground on which it is built. He also talks about the benefits of taking the time to thoroughly investigate the ground, which has ultimately led to a better groundwork solution and has saved the project a lot of time, risk and money. An update on decisions relating to this work and next steps will be part of a broader update to Council and the community in early July.