Why is this project important? | He aha te tino take o te hinonga?

Several key issues have been identified that need to be improved before the Aquatic Centre’s level of service can get back to what the community expects.

Council is ensuring the facility meets modern safety codes, is fit-for-purpose and future-proofed.

This work includes:

  • Foyer improvements (including changes to the entry and exit doors to stop the wind blowing through onto the leisure pool)
  • Indoor changing room upgrades
  • Installation of new indoor ventilation systems
  • Upgrade of the fire safety system
  • Installation of new indoor floor coverings
  • Replacement of the pool hall roof.

Rotorua Lakes Council is working on a phased approach to the revitalisation of the Centre. This will see the Council undertake the necessary first steps in order to bring the facilities up to a standard the community expects and provide the best platform for long-term use of the Centre. This initial investment is critical in order to attract potential external investors for further developments (Stage Three).