Why is this project important? – He aha te tino take o te hinonga?

Mountain biking, trail walking and running in the Tokorangi and Whakarewarewa forests are part of Rotorua’s DNA. Since the late 1980s, Rotorua has worked alongside the land owners, iwi representatives and users (who form the more recently established Rotorua Trail Trust), to strategically develop and leverage these unique natural assets. This activity has spawned a range of successful commercial entities and activities including the recent establishment of the global Crankworx event in 2015.

The trails attract an estimated 230,000 people for mountain biking and up to 800,000 other visitors each year. The development will see us provide the infrastructure necessary to support the continued enjoyment of this asset for all visitors, and leverage the economic, social, cultural and environmental potential the asset provides to our region.

The ongoing development of Whakarewarewa Forest is about enhancing and creating areas that are sustainable for future generations, as well as making the forest more accessible for a variety of users to enjoy.

It is anticipated that once these foundations are laid, commercial investment will follow for the benefit of everyone in our region.