The Bath House roof, with its many towers, is a prominent feature on the Rotorua skyline.

The original black Bridgewater tiles were replaced with locally sourced Marseille tiles in 1952, and these terracotta tiles still cover the majority of the roof today.

As part of the seismic strengthening, sections of the roof will be removed to install structural ply and new mechanical plant. Remedial work, to repair leaks and ensure the building is weather tight, will be undertaken at the same time. Many tiles that have reached the end of their life will also be replaced.

Additional work will include improving access for ongoing maintenance and installation of new rainwater systems.

Croquet in Government Gardens c.1915. Special Collections, Auckland City Libraries (N.Z.) 35-R1315 (F G Radcliffe Collection)
Rotorua Museum
Rotorua Museum. Courtesy of Fullframe Photography