Seismic Strengthening

The Bath House building is currently rated at 19% of the New Building Standard (NBS). Buildings under 34% are considered earthquake prone.

On completion of the project, the building will be strengthened to at least 80% NBS.

The strengthening programme involves the installation new structural reinforcement elements, including structural ply, structural plaster and carbon fibre, throughout the building, to provide additional strength in the event of an earthquake.

Once completed, the building will look almost exactly the same as it did before it closed. Where changes are visible, the direction from Heritage New Zealand is for any new design elements to be sympathetic to the heritage building but clearly differentiated from it.

Zone 5 strengthening to roof
Zone 5 (north) structural strengthening to roof
Zone 5 (north) structural strengthening ground floor view
Zone 5 (north) structural strengthening foundation view