He aha e marohitia ana?
What is proposed?

Rotorua Lakes Council committed to progressing a Tarawera wastewater reticulation scheme as part of its 2021-31 Long-term Plan with an expected cost of $22.5m.

This followed the work of a steering group that was established following strong interest by the community to have a reticulated sewerage scheme for Tarawera. The steering group, which included iwi and community representatives, considered a variety of options to come up with a preferred option that would best serve the community and could be implemented in an affordable way.

The preferred option that was subsequently adopted and is now being progressed will see Low Pressure Grinder Pumps (LPGP) installed on each property and connected to a mains pipeline that will connect the Tarawera network to the existing Ōkāreka wastewater pump station.

From there, wastewater will be pumped to the city’s main wastewater treatment plant.