Rotorua Museum update October 2017

Friday 6, October 2017 | News |

A preferred option to repair Rotorua’s iconic museum will be progressed during the next few months following scoping and assessment of four options.

The options were presented to elected members this week during the Operations & Monitoring Committee hui (meeting).

The options have been explored with engineers and the recommended option (Option 4) would involve replacing the roof, preferably with a more lightweight option, inserting bracing into walls, installation of a new sub-floor and other strengthening work.

The cost cannot yet be determined but will become more apparent as work progresses through to detailed design. That is expected to take another few months.

Insurance is also still being worked through – repair costs need to be determined before that can be finalised.

Public feedback will be sought once options have been further developed and costed.

What are the options that were considered?

Click on the image below to see full details of each option, as presented to the Operations & Monitoring Committee.

You can also view a recording of the museum update during the meeting (which was livestreamed). Go to THIS LINK on Council’s YouTube Channel (Part 2 of the meeting recording). The presentation is at the beginning of the recording.

Next steps

  1. Concept design for the preferred option
  2. Developed design
  3. Detailed design, including costing
  4. Decision-making through 2018-28 Long-term plan