Testing of structural plaster and anchors explained by Devina Shedde, structural engineer from DIZHUR Consulting

Wednesday 24, August 2022 | Project Team |

Did you know the Rotorua Museum project is one of the most complex structural engineering projects underway in NZ at the moment? Learn more about the unique testing required to select the most effective structural plaster and anchors to strengthen this iconic building from Devina Shedde, Structural Engineer from DIZHUR Consulting.

Previously samples of structural plaster were installed in the Museum basement area. These plasters are composed of mortar with a carbon mesh within, and will be used to strengthen many of the existing unreinforced pumice concrete walls in the building. In this video you see the samples be pulled off the walls to test how well each variation of plaster adheres to the material and its overall strength.  Also being assessed is differing types of anchors and adhesive to see what works best holding old pumice walls to new stronger wall system.

The time completing this testing is invaluable for understanding how the solution can be carried out during construction. The results from this sample testing will enable further compatibility and optimisation of the engineering solution through the detailed design phase. This phase is due to conclude late this year.

It is vital that we take the time to get it right and we have the best structural and geotechnical engineers in the country working on this project. DIZHUR Consulting played an integral part in developing a new design solution that reduces the impact on heritage features while also being faster and less expensive to build.